Monday, December 3, 2012

Got Med Pay?

Most of Arizona's drivers don't know about medical payments coverage (aka "med pay") and/or don't have it. Med pay is an optional automobile insurance coverage not required by Arizona law. As with any insurance, you may ask why you should have it and is the additional cost worth the benefit? No situation is alike, but in general, med pay is a a low cost option that can help defray or eliminate the out of pocket expense of treating accident-related injuries regardless of whether or not your at fault for the auto accident. Different insurance companies have different med pay limits ($5,000 is often the max), but it's certainly worthy of discussion the next time you meet with your broker and evaluate your existing automobile insurance. If you're in an auto accident, remember to keep CJ Gibbs and Galen Satterlee, of CKGH Law, P.C., in mind. We can capably navigate the claims process and routinely litigate unresolved and disputed claims.

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